Recycling Packing regulations

22 June 2008

New Dutch law on recycling of packing material is of no concern to FloraHolland auction growers.
Since January 1, 2006 there is a new law for the recycling of packing material. In Europe packing materials causes environmental damage and so the policy is aimed at reducing waste of these materials by stimulating recycling. The new law says that companies which add packing materials to their product themselves are responsible for recycling it. Of course this can lead to extra costs and administrative workload. But not for growers who sell their products via the Dutch auctions. The auctions have united themselves in a platform that takes care of the recycling of old packing materials. Clearly, this is one of the benefits for growers of the FloraHolland auction services.

Stable high prices around Valentine's Day

18 March 2008

Friday 9 February and Monday 12 February were without doubt the busiest days before Valentine's Day. On these two days, 6.5 and 5.9 million roses were traded at FloraHolland. A total of 34.3 million roses were sold in week 6 and on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of week 7.